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How We’re Different

We take a holistic approach to treating gender-related distress (GRD) by supporting clients in

  • strengthening their relationships,
  • living authentically, and
  • accepting their bodies.

While many clients and clinicians undertake medical and social transition efforts in an attempt to resolve profound distress, we believe these methods fail to address the root of the problem, especially for minors who are still developing and unable to fully consent to invasive and often permanent procedures. We help parents build strong relationships with their children and set healthy limits.


How it Works

For clients under 18, the first appointment is

  • a consultation with parents/caregivers without the child present, and
  • focuses on understanding the child’s developmental history and
  • what factors may be influencing his/her GRD.

The next several sessions are between therapist and child, and are dedicated to

  • understanding the child’s perspective and
  • conducting a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment. 

The therapist works with parents and their child to design an individually-tailored treatment plan. Treatment often includes a variety of treatment components such as individual, family, parent(s)-child, and/or couples therapy. Parent-child therapy and parent therapy/coaching are almost always foundational to treatment because parents play a critical and irreplaceable role in the life and development of their children. Parents have more influence on their child’s environment and on their child’s sense of security and belongingness than a therapist can or should. We’re here to help parents use their influence sensitively and confidently.

“…parents play a critical and irreplaceable role in the life and development of their children;”

We contract with and refer to other clinicians to increase the accessibility of harmony-focused treatment. Each clinician works under the direction of Dr. David Haralson, our clinical director. Dr. Haralson has worked with teens, children, and young adults, with a special interest in helping youth experiencing gender-related distress since 2013. As a member of Therapy First (TF), he regularly attends trainings, reviews current research, and attends peer supervision to help provide the best supervision to our clinicians as possible. He is also an AAMFT-approved supervisor and is surrounded by a team of therapists who are experts in gender and gender-related distress.

Helping families get the sensitive, non-medicalized therapy they deserve.

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