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GHI was created to support individuals, parents, and clinicians working to resolve GRD in comprehensive and non-invasive ways. 

Chelsea Johnson, LMFT

President and Therapist

Chelsea is a marriage and family therapist practicing in St. George, Utah. She is the owner of Paideia Therapy and works with individuals, couples, and families. She supports clients wrestling with issues of identity, religion, spirituality, and sex. She promotes finding authentic and full-hearted ways to cherish loved ones and honor personal integrity.

David Haralson, LMFT

Clinical Director and Therapist

David is a marriage and family therapist who specializes in treatment of youth and young adults. He works regularly with youth and families dealing with gender-related distress. He helps clients discover and resolve the roots of their GRD without medicalization. He is an AAMFT-approved supervisor.  

Jeff Bennion, LMFT

Vice-President and Therapist

Jeff is a marriage and family therapist practicing in Murray, Utah. He is in private practice and specializes in helping individual and couple clients reconcile their personal and social values with their sexuality and gender. He has extensive experience with business and start-ups as well as workshops and training.

Helping families get the sensitive, non-medicalized therapy they deserve.

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