Gender Harmony Institute

Harmonizing body & mind

Holistic & Sensitive Care

At GHI, we provide comprehensive, non-medicalized treatment of gender-related distress (GRD). We promote embracing authenticity, strengthening relationships, and accepting the body. Our treatment does not include medicalization (puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, surgery) or social transition.

Treating Individuals

Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here. We’re here to help you flourish.

Supporting Parents

You can do this, and we can help! Your child needs you more than ever.

Training Clinicians

Join us! Provide comprehensive and holistic treatment to clients and families.

Strengthening relationships, embracing authenticity, and accepting the body

Parent with love & confidence

We’ll help you support your child’s autonomy and set healthy limits.

Kids need lots of warmth and encouragement. They also need to be reassured that puberty is a healthy and natural part of life that they don’t have to go through alone.

The emotional, physical, and social aspects of development can be painful and even overwhelming for some kids. GHI helps you help your kids.

Freedom from stereotypes, support for personal & family growth. 

What We Offer

At GHI, we recognize that gender-related distress (GRD) is complex. We provide extensive parenting support and family therapy in addition to individual treatment.

We also provide clinicians with the training and support they need to practice holistically with confidence. 

Individual Therapy

Customized, comprehensive care that addresses the roots of distress and provides practical steps for getting relief.

Family Treatment

Family therapy provides unique benefits and is incorporated whenever possible at GHI. Strengthening family bonds reduces distress.

Join our Clinical Team

We’re here to give you the training, tools, and supervision you need to provide comprehensive, holistic care. 

Honoring integrity, strengthening relationships.

Helping families get the sensitive, non-medicalized therapy they deserve.

Donate so that GHI can provide harmony-focused therapy to low-income individuals and families burdened by gender-related distress.